Why does the pickle never sing?

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Today I have been sleeping whole day. Why? Certainly because last night I went to the “Under the Angels” bar and certainly, I have been drunk. To those pickles. But why I have been drunk? I have been drunk because of the despair and because of the protest, all that my holy disgust. Because I boycott everything what's going on.

For example, how about that democratic ortography? Excuse me, but nowadays how I'm supposed to write: “night” or rather “nite”? Nobody knows and everyone is scared as hell. But myself, I'm not scared at all. I am prepared to die for the ortography. Little tiny tick and done. Here is my patriotic breast. Joseph, give me my old rifle! The echoes of a restaurant are humming in his ears. That Gałczyński is certainly a cynic and deadly foe to the democracy. Poland, give me a kiss!

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05.05.08 — [Natalia] Page on Natalia Gałczyńska, poet's wife.
06.06.08 — [Gallery] Pictures from the Mühlberg Camp
10.10.09 — [Curiosities] Memorable 100 anniversary coins
10.10.09 — [Curiosities] Memorable 100 anniversary stamps
10.10.09 — [Curiosities] Galczynski on YouTube
30.01.10 — [Gallery] Rare photo from Berlin, early 1930-ties.

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On the 23rd of January in a house by the Mazowiecka 11 street in Warsaw, the first son of Konstanty Gałczyński and Wanda Cecylia Łopuszyńska is born. He is been given names Konstanty Ildefons.

Life . . .

Gallery of pictures of K.I. Gałczyński and Natalia. Also cartoons, editions and manuscripts.

Gallery . . .

Voice of Gałczyński. Digitally remastered archival Polish Radio recordings from late 1951, that were saved by a blind chance. Tapes of some other Polish poets from that period (for example Juliam Tuwim's) were erased… Poem Niobe recorded by Gałczyński in these sessions, hadn't been broadcasted until his death in 12.1953.

Gałczyński speaks . . .

26.08.2008 — 100th anniversary of birth of Natalia Gałczyńska.

Gałczyński on Vangelis' CD “Blade Runner Trilogy, 25th Anniversary”!

20.12.2022 — Kira Gałczyńska passed away.

More . . .
O, world, please forgive me so,
That I gave in these songs so little,
That I didn’t write such strophes
That should have been written,

So many ornaments and lights,
So many jingles and birds,
Moonrays, beauties and Bachs,
Golden and silvery glitters.

I love the light. And I brighten
All the rhymes the best that I can.
Oh, If I could I would have changed
The whole world into a chandelier.

But that’s why the rhymes are for —
To affect everyone’s heart
And through the whole wide world
They make the continents spark (…)

We are in the middle. This road
Runs with us without a still.
I wish I could save my trace abroad
From the oblivion’s sin.
“Years I have loved you” . . .

The Lantern of the Enchanted Carriage, Georgian madonna and poet's muse, without whom we can't even imagine the poetry of Gałczyński.


Natalia . . .